Artefacts of the Long Winter

Okay initiates, it's still freezing. We get it. Not everyone can trap a fire-based djin within a crude lamp-heater hybrid. Our's bangs quite a bit though, think he want's out...

I digress, below we have a taster for you of all our new products. Enjoy at your leisure, a hoodie to keep you warm and a raglan to layer up. 

Included we have also crafted a lovely kit bag for your new year escapades, and a pin to concentrate your power.

Hands of Origin ☛ Black Cowl Hoodie

Hands of Origin Black Cowl Hoodie The Lost Lodge


"The hooded garment is a mainstay in any initiates wardrobe. Whether it's walking the cobbled streets of a dream metropolis, scouring the planes through our third eyes or simply grabbing a pint of milk from the store because 'Mike' took the last of it for his cuppa. The hoodie always serves to obscure, warm and give that oh-so Lost Lodge air of mystery to all our members..."


Hands of Origin ☛ Deep Heather / Black Raglan

Hands of Origin Black and Grey Raglan The Lost Lodge


"Hands of four come together. Blade and bone. Iris and Alchemy. We see how each contributes towards the whole. Our origins, our roots, our souls. Through this craft, we bind and beckon those beyond our realms. These are our paths paved with blood and sweat, and the start of something most macabre..."


Occult Investigation Kit  ☛ Black Compact Barrel Bag

Occult Investigation Kit The Lost Lodge
"Now remember. A. B. C. Always. Be. Carrying! Your kit is your first and last line of defence against the unknown and many teethed. Sure, here at The Lodge we train you... hone you into a fine razor's edge. Yet one cannot understate the importance of a good kit. Keep it stocked, from stakes and knives to notebooks and grimoires. Take care of your kit and it shall take care of you. Though avoid feeding it live animals, it tends to drive it a little loopy ..."

Hand of the Initiate

Hand of the Initiate Pin The Lost Lodge


 "We listened to you initiates, so here you have it, the hand of the initiate pin. Don't worry, we've smoothed the knife point down to avoid any drastic eye pokes like the prototypes. As with all our pins try not to get blood, ichor or any form of arcane charged fluid on the pin. Frank still hasn't removed all his damn tentacles and that was weeks ago..."


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