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Portraiture from Beyond The Pale: Postmortem Photography’s Spooky Snapshots

Here are some hot selfie tips for the cold and clammy!  1) Find a friend who has shuffled off the mortal coil.  2) Make sure their contour is on point. You don’t want anyone to criticize their highlight.  3) Frame up your funereal subject.  4) Make sure to choose the right filter.  5) Put it up on Instagrave, Snapcrypt, or Eternal Fatebook.   Does taking photographs of the dead seem repulsive? Well, that’s one way you could stand to benefit from Victorian values (a rarity indeed). To citizens of the 1800s, death was a constant companion, and so they had developed elaborate customs to cope with life’s ephemeral departure. The early 19th century also saw the advent of photography, and...

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